The benefits of implementing AI-based communication tools for your business

Explore how AI-based communication tools are revolutionizing customer interactions, enhancing customer experience, and driving cost-efficiency in businesses across various sectors.

Today 07/31/2023

The benefits of implementing AI-based communication tools for your business

AI is transforming business-customer interactions across various sectors, including retail, banking, healthcare, and hospitality. The surge in AI has led to the popularity of AI-based communication tools designed to enhance customer interactions and elevate the overall customer experience.

AI communication tools, primarily chatbots, and automated voice services, assist businesses in addressing customer queries in real-time, bypassing call center delays and human errors. They can swiftly handle common inquiries such as "When is my last EMI due?" or "What is my credit card due date?" among others.

These tools are crucial for businesses aiming to enhance their customer service by promptly and accurately resolving queries, thus conserving significant time, costs, and resources. Beyond these, we will explore the numerous advantages of AI-based communication tools.


Enhanced customer experience and feedback

AI-based communication tools are designed to offer fast, accurate, and 24/7 customer service. For businesses, maintaining customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Artificial Intelligence plays a critical role in this regard by providing an interactive platform and quick resolutions to customer inquiries. 

An AI-powered chatbot, for instance, offers customers the convenience of resolving queries on their preferred medium or channel at their leisure. They no longer have to wait for the weekend or travel to a physical branch to address their concerns. 

Additionally, AI-based communication tools can adapt to the diverse needs of customers. By analyzing customer behavior and patterns, AI algorithms can deliver personalized solutions that meet the specific requirements of each individual customer.


Cost-efficient for businesses

According to Gartner, conversational AI tools could reduce labor costs in contact centers by an impressive $80 billion by 2026. While full automation of customer service isn't feasible yet, partial automation can significantly reduce the workload, leading to cost savings and scalability.

Consider a call center scenario: an agent costing around $4,000 per month can handle 4-5 interactions per hour, resolving 40-45 queries daily, costing $4 per query. AI can perform the same task at a much lower cost, enabling organizations to save significantly and scale customer experience without additional human resources.


Enhanced productivity and accessibility 

I communication tools boost productivity by managing high volumes of queries and complaints swiftly, allowing businesses to prioritize and sort customer issues, thus reducing resolution time. This frees up staff for more critical tasks, enhancing overall productivity.

AI-powered chatbots, accessible anytime, offer customers the convenience of asynchronous communication. These omnichannel, omni-device bots enhance customer engagement. Customers can interact with the bot across devices without repeating the conversation, submit queries anytime, and receive quick responses without waiting on hold.

For complex issues, the bot can connect the customer to a human representative, providing the query context and details to expedite resolution, making the process efficient and seamless.


Multilingual Bots Break Language Barriers

AI communication tools deliver precise, relevant responses to customer inquiries in multiple languages. These multilingual tools, powered by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, overcome language barriers, ensuring every customer feels acknowledged.

Training call center agents in multiple languages can be costly and time-consuming. However, AI chatbots understand various languages, abbreviations, and cultural contexts, ideal for businesses aiming to extend their reach beyond geographical and linguistic boundaries.

These multilingual chatbots offer insights into query volume and type from different regions, allowing businesses to gather feedback and refine the bot's responses. 

They can recall past conversations, providing contextually accurate answers beyond mere keyword recognition. By leveraging AI tools, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, extend global reach, and save time and resources.



As technology continues to evolve, artificial intelligence-powered communication tools are poised to become an essential component of customer support in various industries. With the increasing demand for fast and convenient solutions, there is a shift towards chat-based interactions over voice-based ones. 

In conclusion, the implementation of AI-based communication tools offers businesses a plethora of benefits, including cost savings, efficient resolution of queries, and round-the-clock customer service. 

As technology continues to evolve, businesses should leverage the power of AI to stay ahead in the game and provide their customers with the best possible experience.

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