How Major Shops are Using AI

his article explores how major ad agencies are leveraging AI technology to provide innovative solutions, optimize operations, and stay ahead in the dynamic advertising industry.

Today 08/21/2023

How Major Shops are Using AI

AI is no longer a concept of the future; it's here, and it's transforming the way businesses operate, especially in the advertising industry. Major marketers are exploring the potential of AI, and ad agencies are seizing the opportunity to act as intermediaries between AI technology and the insights it can offer brands.


Leading holding companies like WPP, Publicis Groupe, and Omnicom Group are rapidly deploying enterprise tools to serve their large and influential clients. They are also enhancing platforms launched before the mainstream adoption of AI technology and exploring internal use cases.

Accenture Song, backed by a $3 billion investment from parent company Accenture, is utilizing AI Navigator for Enterprise. This tool uses generative AI to assist clients in understanding how AI can be integrated into their businesses. 

Meanwhile, Dentsu is partnering with tech giants Google and Microsoft to incorporate their AI tools into their employee toolkits. This collaboration, combined with proprietary data, has led to the creation of Merkle GenCX, an AI tool for enhancing customer experience management.

Horizon Media’s e-commerce unit, Night Market, has introduced Neon, an AI-powered tool for optimizing media investments across retail media networks. 

Huge, owned by Interpublic Group of Cos., has launched two primary AI tools, LIVE and CCI, to generate insights for clients and measure brand assets’ ability to contribute to creative problem-solving and innovation.

MNTN has launched Viva, a generative AI-powered ad solution that allows clients to create and edit video content using AI capabilities. 

Omnicom, on the other hand, has partnerships with Google, Microsoft, and Amazon to integrate their generative AI models into their internal marketing and data platform, Omni.


In conclusion, these major agencies are embracing AI technology to provide innovative solutions to their clients and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving advertising landscape. The integration of AI in their operations is not just a trend but a necessity to remain competitive and relevant in today's digital age. The future of advertising is here, and it's powered by AI.

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